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The process industry contains risks, such that workers, machinery, equipment and the environment are in a constant situation of exposure to damage as a result of these risks. Each risk contains an initiating event and a certain severity of consequences if it is initiated. To minimize the presence of the risk initiating event and / or to mitigate the consequences of the risk initiated, security measures are implemented, which contain a security function and a level of certainty and / or integrity, which will guarantee the action of the function security if sued for the risk. If the security measure contains programmable electrical, electronic and / or electronic devices, it is called the SIS Safety Instrumented System, with SIF Safety Instrumented Functions, with a SIL Safety Integrity Level for its English acronyms and their characteristics from conception to dismantling will be governed by the international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.

i9s performs the calculations, estimates, verifications, tests and validations of the SIL Hardware and software safety chains, delivering a SIL Certification “Safety Integrity Level” according to the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards..

The software that manages the SIL safeguards has a great importance. More than 35% of failures that lead to an accident are due to poor software programming. That is why the IEC 61508-3 standard indicates the requirements of the software that manages SIL safety chains. The standard states that the software must be validated.

In i9s we carry out the validations of the software belonging to the security chains.


Below is an example of process industry:


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